A: Your pool pump feeds the water to your filter which is the most important component in keeping your swimming pool clean. Typically, your pump should run between 4 to 6 hours in the winter months & 8 hours in the summer. Every pool is different, but these are the average times.
A. Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with your family, or doing what you love most? Morris Pools makes your pool more convenient, cost effective & more enjoyable. When we take care of your pool, you don’t have to store chemicals, worry about your expensive equipment or wonder if the water is safe to swim in. We service your pool each week and provide you with an instant email containing detailed information about your pool & spa
A: When the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are in excess of 2,000PPM or roughly every 3 to 5 years. Please contact us to test the TDS in your swimming pool.
A. TDS is the sum total of all the dissolved materials in your pool water. Sources of TDS are disinfectants, balance chemicals, calcium hardness, source water, algaecides, total alkalinity, dust & dirt, phosphates, nitrates and sulfates. TDS buildup is inevitable. Every time you add chemicals, every time there is dirt introduced in the pool; TDS increases overtime. The ideal range should be between 1,000ppm to 2,000ppm. There is no chemical method to reduce the TDS level. You must drain or partially drain the pool and replace with fresh water. Please contact Morris Pools to have your water tested properly.
A: Typically every 5 to 7 years, a pool should be drained and acid washed to remove discoloring caused by chemicals. We strongly recommend that you consult with us when considering this process. Acid washing can be harmful to the surface of your pool. Acid washing will remove a fine layer of plaster or pebble tec from the surface of the pool allowing the surface to once again be bright. Contact Morris Pools to discuss if an acid wash is needed for your pool.
A. Ducks will avoid your pool if it is somehow obscured or if the pool seems to be in use. When not using your pool, throw in a couple of beach balls or large floating devices; make it look like the pool is being occupied and the ducks should go find the neighbors pool!
A. NO! A pool should never drained for more than a couple of days. Without water, your pool’s surface will begin to crack and even pop out of the ground. Your pool’s surface was designed to handle the weight of the water. When emptied, the surface is largely at risk. Damaged surfaces can cost thousands of dollars to repair.
A. Absolutely. We could show you several pictures of pools that were not maintained during the winter months and needed some major work to return the pool back to normal. Taking care of a swimming pool in Arizona is a year round process. Even though its too cold to swim during the winter, the water chemistry still changes and the filters still need to be maintained. The worst thing someone could do, besides draining the pool, is to turn off the pump for the whole winter Please consult with us for the best possible solution to make sure your pool is taken care of all year long
A. Yes, if your baskets are overflowing with leaves it will impair the water circulation and the pump could run dry. Each service visit we empty all baskets. During the late summer months, aka Monsoon season, several leaves could be in your pool that day after we service your pool.