Serving the East Valley, Morris Pools provides top quality pool & spa service designed with the client in mind. Each pool is treated with only the highest quality of pool chemicals and are managed by our highly trained technicians. Utilizing new technology, with every service visit the client will receive instant emails providing detailed information about the most up to date status & condition of the pool. Weekly pool care for your pool is what we do so you don’t have to.

Don’t just hire any pool man to clean your pool. Let trusted name of Morris Pools service your pool!

There are 5 main elements in maintaining a clean, clear and safe pool…

Good, Clean Water

We believe in using the least amount of chemicals possible in order to achieve optimum water balance. Rather than swimming in chemicals, you should be swimming in water. We analysis your pool water each week and apply the necessary chemicals.

Proper Water Flow

Advances in technology have helped redesigned pool pumps into the ultimate machine for proper water flow. We can set the proper speed of the pump so you can achieve the optimum rate for water flow and maximize your energy savings.


Today’s high-capacity cartridge filters provide great filtration, save on wasted water from backwashing sand filters, and eliminate the need for water-flow restricting backwash valves. D.E. filters provide superb clarity, helping eliminate contaminants in pool water before they become an issue.

Functioning Cleaning System

Having a working automatic cleaning system is vital in keeping the pool surface clean of debris and dirt… and free of staining.  If dirt is continuously removed from the surface, algae has a more difficult time flourishing.

A Dependable And Professional Pool Maintenance Technician!

Our job is not to only oversee all of the items listed above… but to make sure your pool is in the best condition possible.
Every service visit is fulfilled by one of our certified technicians reviewing these 5 elements each week for your pool and reporting back to you. We take the upmost pride in our work. We want to earn your business!