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Can I build a swimming pool in my yard?

In the vast majority of cases, yes! But it can depend on the size of the outdoor space you are wanting to enhance, accessibility to the backyard, existing site conditions, certain laws or regulations that are enforced by your local zoning/building code office along with any covenants and restrictions you need to abide by in your neighborhood community (if applicable).

What are the different types of in-ground swimming pools?

Fiberglass, Vinyl Liner, and Concrete also referred to as “Shotcrete” or “Gunite” (which is the only type that we Design/Build at Signature)

What are some of the advantages of a concrete swimming pool compared to the other types available?

A concrete pool is the most durable option (when constructed properly), and can be customized with an endless array of options that we can incorporate to tailor the design to your specific lifestyle and with unmatched aesthetic appeal to compliment your home. Fiberglass and Vinyl Liner types can be functional at a lower price point, but limited in terms of customization, overall appeal, and longevity of the in-ground structure. There is not as much creative talent or skill required in terms of designing the space for placement of a Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner pool, whereas our level of design is what we believe distinguishes the ability of our team.

How much does an in-ground concrete pool cost?

Each of our projects are uniquely designed, therefore price can vary drastically based on all of the available options such as shape, size, water depths, finish materials, features, and much more. Other considerations have to do with where your property is located, what might be involved in creating access to the backyard, and what the existing topography and/or site conditions are like in the outdoor space you are wanting to enhance. A significant portion of your budget may need to be allocated to the initial site work to clear the space and create a generally flat area for the swimming pool to be built on. This could include demolition, tree removal, grading, retaining walls, site drainage, etc. With this in mind along with the methods and techniques we implement to uphold quality standards for every aspect of construction, our custom swimming pool projects start at $125K with most of our projects averaging between $175K – $300K. For a custom spa only project, general starting price is around $75K based on minimum mobilization charges from many of our vendors and out-of-town subcontractors that we trust for certain key aspects of pool/spa construction.

How long does it take to build a custom swimming pool?

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship which takes time to produce. A continuous project typically takes 4-6 months on average from the time we first break ground after the contract is signed. Weather, among other factors, can have a significant affect on the timeline of outdoor construction which is why there is not an exact answer to this particular question. We do our absolute best to o”er a target completion date for the clients that entrust us with the build phase of their project, and do everything we can to stay on track for that exciting day!